Guide for Authors

Dear authors and professors

Download the authors' commitment form from this section or from the news and announcements section of the main page of the magazine site, which is in pdf format, and after filling in the signature manually, scan it and send it along with the article file as an additional file. .

The names of the authors should not be mentioned in the text of the article.

Do not send the article file with the names of the authors.

Article writing mirror

General principles

1- The language of the journal is Persian, so Persian words should be used as much as possible to express scientific content in the article.

2- The article should not have been previously published in one of the country's publications or sent to other magazines at the same time. Also, the scientific rank of the authors should be stated correctly and all the authors of the article should be aware of its submission and publication. The submission letter must contain the signatures of all authors, and its signature constitutes acceptance of the terms of the legal cases provided below:

- In case of not mentioning one of the authors as the responsible author, the sender of the article, ready to answer the cases

It will be the right of other authors and respond to correspondence.

- The legal responsibility for not including the name and surname of other researchers in the articles rests with the sender.

- Responsibility for the accuracy of the contents of the article, ordering the names of the authors, answering to the sources providing funding for research in

Failure to mention their name on the title page and respond to any legal claims regarding copyright or content are the responsibility of

Is the author (s).

- The journal is not responsible for lawsuits between authors as well as authors with other authorities.

- The journal is free to reject or accept articles and also reserves the right to scientific, literary, citation and summary of articles.

- By accepting an article in the journal, the right to publish the article is at the disposal of the journal and the journal in return for the author (s) whose articles in

When a magazine is published, it sends a copy of the same magazine for free.

- The publication of the contents of this journal is unrestricted, provided that the source of the Journal of Health Management is mentioned.

3. All names that are abbreviated in the text, tables, etc., should be given in full in a footnote.

4- In case of using the Persian equivalent of scientific terms, the original term should be enclosed in parentheses.

5. In articles that use English abbreviations, the abbreviation should be mentioned in the first full time and after that the abbreviation should be given without mentioning it completely.

6. The names of foreigners should be given in the text in the original language.

7. The article should be cut in A4 with a margin of 3 cm on each side, and in Microsoft Word software without any page layout up to 15 pages of 18 lines (including text, tables, charts and images) with Mitra line score 13 to be typed.

8. The page numbers of the article should be entered at the bottom and left, respectively.

9- Articles that have been prepared in the field of health system management and policy-making are prioritized for acceptance in this journal.

Method of writing research articles (Original Articles)


1- The title of the article (in Persian and English) should include the subject of the research and be typed in bold letters.

2. The names of the authors (in Persian and English) and then their last degree (Ph.D., MD., ...) should be mentioned after the title of the article.

3. The position and address of the authors, which includes the group, faculty, university or research institute related to them, should be fully mentioned by mentioning the city and country.

4- It is necessary to enter the address of the responsible author for scientific contacts of other researchers in Persian on the first page and at the bottom of the English abstract of the article. In addition, the address must be fully stated along with the postal code, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.

5- Running title with a maximum of 40 characters.



The abstract should be formulated in iodine form and include the following subheadings: Introduction, research method, findings, conclusion and keywords (between 3 and 5 words).

The English Abstract should also include Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusion. Keywords

In addition, the content of Persian and English abstracts must be in complete harmony and their length should not exceed 250 words.

Type Persian abstract with line (Mitra) number 11 and English abstract with Time New Roman line number 10.


Article text

The text of the article should include introduction, research method, findings, discussion and conclusion, thanks and appreciation (as needed), sources and appendices (figure, table, diagram):

Introduction should include "research context", "problem statement", "summary of relevant research results with citations" and

"The main purpose of the research". In the introduction, it is necessary to write the content in such a way that its up-to-dateness is clearly noticeable.

research method
The method should include the type of study, number of samples, sampling method, data collection tool, data collection method, data analysis method (indicators and statistical tests used) and ethical considerations (as the case may be). If a questionnaire or checklist is used in a research, its consistency and validity should be guaranteed in the article. In the case of standard questionnaires, the validity and stability of which have already been determined, only the reference is sufficient.

- Research findings should be clearly expressed in the form of text, tables, diagrams and photos and duplication of the contents mentioned in the text should be avoided.

- In all tables and diagrams, all numbers and contents should be stated in English and the titles of the tables and diagrams should be mentioned in both Persian and English.

-Tables and charts should be precise and clear, expressive title, time and place of the study.

- The titles of the charts should be below the charts and the titles of the tables should be at the top of the tables in Persian and English.

- Table subtitles include explanation of symbols, information related to data analysis or mention of information from other studies and should be updated.