Productivity Pattern of Non-Medical Hospital Staff (Case study: Maryam Hospital, Alborz Province)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Master's student in Health and Medical Services Management, Electronic Department of Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Healthcare Services Management, Research Center for Health, Safety and Environment, School of Health, Alborz University of Medical Sciences, Karaj, Iran

3 Associate Professor of Healthcare Services Management,Department of Healthcare Services Management, South Tehran branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Introduction: The aim of the current research is to design a model to identify factors affecting the productivity of non-medical hospital employees. Today, all the countries of the world are trying to achieve a suitable position in the global competition scene and increase the welfare of people's lives by consuming fewer resources and producing more. Meanwhile, human resources, as one of the main factors and institutions of any organization, plays a significant role in the quality of the headquarters of that organization.
Methods: The research is applied and descriptive correlation and the data collection method is a questionnaire. The statistical sample of the research includes 135 non-medical employees of Maryam Hospital in Alborz province. Also, in order to test the research hypotheses, the Kolmogorov test, t-test, confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation analysis, and SPSS and Smart PLS software were used.
Results: The research results indicate that research and development variables, organizational capacity, government laws, equipment life, energy costs, workforce composition, work ethics, and management have a significant impact on productivity. On the other hand, the stability and job security variable have no significant effect on productivity.
Conclusion: The results of the research show that research and development variables, organizational capacity, government laws, equipment life, energy costs, workforce composition, work ethics, and management can affect the productivity of non-medical hospital employees.


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